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A Dedicated Team

Greater Denfeld Foundation Board of Directors, a group of alumni, educators, and supporters of Duluth Denfeld High School, collaborating to benefit the Denfeld community

The Greater Denfeld Foundation Board of Directors is made up of alumni, educators and supporters of Duluth Denfeld High School who skillfully guide the programs of the Foundation to benefit the entire Denfeld community. The purpose of the Board is to provide awards and scholarships to assist with expenses directly related to post-secondary education needs of Denfeld graduates. In addition, the Board oversees donations to Denfeld teachers and staff to provide valuable resources to enhance students’ high school educational experiences.

Board of Directors Executive Committee

Gary Eckenberg, President


Join Date: October 2017

Louie St. George III


Join Date: April 2021

Lane Harstad


Join Date: October 2017

Kerry Anderson Garthus


Join Date: February 2018

Jerry Zanko

President Emeritus

Join Date: January 2017

Lori Huska

GDF Administrator

Ex-officio Board member

Board of Directors

Nancy Anderson

Join Date: 2011

Reba Copeland

Join Date: October 2021

Matthew Davies

Join Date: October 2021

Marv Heikkinen

Join Date: February 1985

Angelo Florestano

Join Date: June 2023

Mark Matuseski

Join Date: January 2020

Heather Mutchler

Join Date: April 2021

Mark Munger

Join Date: April 2021

Saraiya Piantek

Join Date: October 2021

Gary Tangen

Join Date: 2018

Paul Tynjala

Join Date: January 2024


Join Date: April 1995


Join Date: February 2018

Tom Tusken

Denfeld High School Principal

Ex-officio Board member

Jessica Anderson

Denfeld High School Counselor

Ex-officio Board member

Dee Dee Harstad

GDF Administrative Secretary

Ex-officio Board member