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studenT Scholarships and Awards

High school student in a maroon cap and gown, symbolizing Greater Denfeld Foundation scholarships and awards

Every year the Greater Denfeld Foundation commits over $585,000 to the graduating class of Denfeld High School in Duluth, Minnesota. Applications are open annually from early November through the January 15th deadline.

Staff and Faculty Donations

Adult white female in glasses holding a stack of books, representing educational resources supported by Greater Denfeld Foundation faculty and staff grants

Every fall, the Greater Denfeld Foundation Memorial Fund provides between $10,000 and $15,000 in donations to teachers and staff of Denfeld High School to enhance the educational experience of the school’s students. Applications are due annually in the fall.


"In this elective plant science/horticultural course, students are able to harvest produce from the nearby community garden, harvest salad greens grown in the classroom, study houseplant propagation, and start seeds for garden transplants. We also try to cook and prepare food using classic food preservation techniques "Wow, this salsa is actually really good! Usually I don't like tomatoes!"
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Senior student
Plant Science/Food Prep
“We have started a mending program that is free for both staff and students, we have mended ten items since this was implemented in February. We have also helped with some costume and prop work in collaboration with the theater program and are working on a cover for the Robotics' team shirt throwing robot. This club is a joy for adults and students!”
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Keely Waechter
Denfeld Sewing Club
“As a proud alumni and staff member, I am consistently in awe of the generosity of the Denfeld community! There is no place like Denfeld and I feel so fortunate that there are grants available that directly benefit the classroom and its students. Language is acquired through reading a compelling story and this grant has given our German library so many more options for students. We can't wait to get started reading the new stories auf Deutsch! VIELEN DANK (many thanks!)”
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Nicole Scharte
German Library
“Being rewarded with a grant through the GDF has allowed us to supply our Denfeld Hunter Hut with more inclusive options for students seeking basic needs, clothes, and food. We've had the ability to provide higher quality hair and body products, family-centered food support, and crisis support for 8 families within the first week of using funds. Denfeld as a community school aims to meet individual needs holistically and the GDF was able to support us getting closer to that goal.”
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Saraiya Piantek
Re-Building Denfeld’s Hunter Hut